Press Kit

Biography to be used for publication:

Kaylee Peterson is a 33-year-old mother of two and a full-time college student double majoring in political science and criminal justice. As the president of the eight-time national championship speech and debate team she has a passion for policy and government with an ability to look at complicated issues from any angle, as the chief of staff for her school she championed collaboration between faculty, staff, and students while pursuing programs that enhanced student’s experience on campus. She has experience working for local campaigns, non-profits, and volunteer events as well as being a foster parent. As a sixth generation Idahoan, she grew up learning about the values that made Idaho great; perseverance, community, collaboration, and kindness, values that are getting harder and harder to find in our political leadership. Kaylee and her husband Trevor just celebrated their ten-year wedding anniversary and raise their two school age children on a street named after her great-grandfather. Kaylee is committed to bringing reasoned, bipartisan leadership back to Idaho to focus on the issues that truly matter, putting people over party and rebuilding accountability and transparency in our political process.

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