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Politicians in DC have shaped their entire careers around rigging the game for themselves, rather than the hardworking Americans just trying to do the right thing by their communities and families. Career politicians are spending more time fundraising and courting out of state special interests than they do representing the people. I’m ready to make government work for you by supporting campaign finance reform, term limits, preventing stock trades in Congress, and restoring civility back to our body politic. Idahoans are exhausted by the relentless division and political theater, it’s time for common sense and good evidence based policy.


It’s time for working class voices in government that know what it’s like to put in overtime just to survive. Idahoans want fair wages, health care coverage, a retirement plan, safe & fair employment opportunities. Standing shoulder to shoulder with hard working families, collective bargaining, and supporting infrastructure and clean energy contracts that provide lucrative long term employment MUST be a priority. It’s time to support Made in America and strong rule of origin legislation. Times are changing and the economy continues to be more competitive, with threats across the world, disruptions to our supply chains, the rise of china, our workers are more at risk than ever before and no one is standing up to defend them.


Let’s start with the basics. We will fight to protect Medicare & social security, healthcare and mental health resource accessibility, women’s autonomy and reproductive healthcare, veterans support and protections, education, from Pre-K through higher education, including trade schools and apprenticeships, agricultural subsidies and supports, and restoration of Idaho’s crumbling Infrastructure.


With accountability as my compass, I will lead the charge against corruption in government. Restoring trust is my top priority as a candidate, ensuring that those who betray public trust are held to account. Government, when effective, benefits millions nationwide, transcending race, gender, education, and location. Recognizing the crucial role public institutions play in our lives, I understand that no individual can achieve this alone. That’s why I’ll work tirelessly to forge connections with every voter, rejecting partisan politics in favor of collaboration. Together we possess a shared stake in improving and streamlining government, even if it means facing uncomfortable truths. The pursuit of a more perfect union demands this commitment each and every day.


I stand for women’s health and autonomy protecting both choice and Idaho’s healthcare workers. In America, our freedoms are what make us unique. The freedom to love, the freedom to privacy, and the freedom to express your opinions are hallmarks of our democracy and must be preserved. When it comes to a woman’s right to choose, I believe that it should never be the place of the government to dictate how a woman makes decisions about her health. No politician or interest group should be making decisions for individuals and I’ll fight to keep it that way. The government has no place in the doctor’s office, in the bedroom, or in the deeply personal decisions that families face each and every day. Reversing the damage done to Idaho families and Idaho’s healthcare industry must be a priority.


On average, Americans pay over $10,000 per person for healthcare coverage, that’s $5,000 more than people living in most developed nations around the world. Idahoans healthcare costs are going up while our life expectancy is going down. Our system is broken and it’s time for a change. Whether it’s the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs, the predatory practice of surprise billing, nearly bankrupted rural hospitals, a complete lack of mental health resources, or the desperate need for healthcare professionals in Idaho, I will take immediate action to tackle these issues head on. You deserve better, deserve affordable healthcare coverage that guarantees access to the vital care you need and legislation that promotes a thriving healthcare industry.


Let us recognize the truth behind Social Security and Medicare: they are not entitlements but earned benefits through decades of hard work and contributions to society. Social Security and Medicare provide crucial healthcare coverage, enable peaceful aging in place, and offer peace of mind to millions. We cannot allow those in Congress who seek to reform and strip these programs to succeed. Millions of Americans depend on these vital programs long after their retirement, and as a representative, I would be committed to both preserving and expanding them for current and future generations including passing the Social Security Expansion Act.


Education holds the transformative power to shape individuals into future leaders, driving progress and creating a better world for generations to come. It is paramount that we prioritize investing in education passionately and unyieldingly. Our current reality paints a stark picture – the United States underfunds education by a staggering $150 Billion dollars. To build a society that values knowledge and opportunity, we must lower the burden of college tuition, champion trade schools, strengthen programs from early education to K-12, pay teachers and school staff their worth, and ensure that every child has access to safe school facilities. I believe every student should have the opportunity to unlock their full potential and become architects of a brighter future.


Our Veterans, the epitome of bravery and sacrifice, embody the very best of our nation, and it is our solemn duty to honor their service by ensuring their well-being upon returning home. As a child of a veteran, it is a deeply personal mission that we provide our Veterans with unfettered access to healthcare, mental health resources, educational opportunities, and unwavering support from our public institutions. No Veteran should ever be denied treatment, left without a roof over their head, or denied advancement opportunities in this great country. I am steadfast in my commitment to ensure Washington never forgets their immense sacrifices.

Our campaign is about more than a single candidate, it’s
about communities, and I need your help!

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